Ginny McKinney

In the spring of 2013, Ginny McKinney and her husband decided life was too short to wait for retirement to have some fun so they went out to buy a travel trailer. Standing in the fourth one, her beloved Mr. Virgo had a heart attack and died. The life they had planned…the life she envisioned living “happily ever after,” dissolved on the floor right in front of her.

Ginny knew instinctively she was going to have to put something joyful ahead of her or she would never survive the heartbreak. Two weeks after the funeral, she bought a 16 foot camper and set out for the Colorado wilderness for three months to begin her grief journey. Ginny loved the lifestyle so much that she sold her house in the mountains of Colorado, traded in the 16 foot camper for a 30 foot, and got rid of 95% of her belongings. Hitting the open road, she’s put over 28,000 miles on her pickup truck in the last 18 months.

Marshmallow Ranch, her Facebook page, became Ginny’s place of refuge where she could pour her heart out to the readers of her blog. With an ever-growing following, Ginny offers hope and love to her readers…balancing the darkness with a light that shines through her words to comfort others walking a painful journey. Now in the fourth year after her tragic loss, Ginny’s focus is on thriving, positive aging, and living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Ginny has been featured in the New York Times, Fox News, Hometown Journey Magazine, as well as featured guest blogger on Comet Camper, the Tiny House Blog, Crazy Good Grief by Paula Stephens, LastingMatters by Barbara Sedoric, and the Sisters on the Fly Blog series on Aging and Attitude. Ginny has been featured on the blog by Janine Pettit. Janine also interviewed her for the Girl Camper podcast on iTunes. Ginny is the Travel Correspondent for the Girl Camper podcast and presents features on the places she camps. Ginny writes regularly for The Local Coffeehouse blog giving reviews of independent coffeehouses she encounters in her travels. She also has a branded series on the Sisters on the Fly Blog called Getting Bolder. Ginny is a sought after speaker on a variety of topics and has spoken at numerous events.

Ginny has two daughters and two beautiful grandchildren in Colorado. She enjoys family activities, camping, writing, fitness, biking, kayaking, and is an active member of Sisters on the Fly. She is, above all, a Christian and attends churches across the country.