We are open to all genres except poetry and erotica. We are interested in YA, Adult fiction, and Non-fiction.

YA and ADULT FICTION: You must have a complete, previously unpublished, polished manuscript before contacting us. Adult manuscripts must be a minimum of 72K words. Write a hook that will grab attention. Keep your book description to approximately 200 words designed to make someone want to read your book. Write an approximately two page, single space synopsis that includes the highlights of your novel: beginning, middle, and end.

NON-FICTION and MEMOIRS: Please submit a completed book proposal including two-three sample chapters. Include your approach and main ideas, your platform and expertise when applicable. Be sure to tell us about yourself and your qualifications.

Renee C. Fountain is looking for all types of adult and YA fiction and non-fiction. She prefers: thrillers, horror/dark fantasy, urban/contemporary fantasy, humor, sci-fi, pop-culture, memoirs, and narrative/commercial. She DOES NOT represent screenplays or previously published books (including self-published), Hard Science Fiction, Space Opera, Picture Books, Erotica, Poetry, Novellas or Short Story Collections.

EDITING: It is important that all manuscripts are proofread for grammatical errors and typos.

RESPONSE: Due to current backlog, it may take 90 days or more for a response if we are interested. We are a no response means no agency.

If you are querying a particular agent, please reference their name first in your submission. Please note, Allison Hegan and Dr. Emma Wood are not accepting submissions at this time.

SCREENWRITERS: If you are a screenwriter and wish to submit a screenplay or teleplay for consideration, email a query to*
* Renee Fountain does not represent screenplays.

AUTHORS: For all new manuscript submissions, please email a query to

Thank you for contacting Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary Management.