Rebecca Fox Starr

Image via Michelle Sweeney,
Little Nest Portraits

Rebecca Fox Starr is a writer, lullaby singer, dance partier, and lover of literature, fashion, and sparkly shoes. The only business card she’s ever had read, “Star of Stage and Screen,” with a picture of Betty Boop that came from FAO Schwartz.

Rebecca graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from The Schreyer Honors College at the Pennsylvania State University and is a Master’s Candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. While studying at Penn State, Rebecca worked closely with a Hemingway scholar on publishing her thesis, entitled, “Just a little bit of dancing: A Cubist Family Portrait through Writing.”

During the day, Rebecca is a wife, teacher, and mother of two young children. At night she is the lead singer of a rock band called Fox and the Hounds. She started to write, honestly, about motherhood in 2010, two months after the birth of her daughter. She felt that no one around her was speaking the truth about motherhood; how being a parent is magical, enchanting, wonderful, and life-changing, while at the same time is boring, lonely, scary, and hard. Rebecca started the blog, Mommy, Ever After, with her first post, “The day that I got poop on my face,” and has been writing on the site ever since. She wrote for several years about her daughter and their beautiful bond, their tutu corner, and their penchant for doing The Twist to Brett Dennen songs.


In 2013, Rebecca gave birth to her son. Though she was a seasoned parent, she completely, unexpectedly, suffered from severe postpartum depression. That was when she wrote, “The Hardest Post I’ve Ever Written,” which received an outpouring of support universally and was covered on Philadelphia 6abc news. Her story on mental health resonated with and grew Rebecca’s audience across the world.

Now, things have brightened up once more in Rebecca’s world, as she watches her children grow as a team, as she rekindles the spark with her husband, and she never forgets to say yes to a dance party. Her signature candor and honesty makes her writing accessible to everyone, not just women or mothers. People like to have a window into Rebecca’s world, and she gives her readers the uncensored version of life as a woman, wife, mother, friend, and sometimes, sufferer.

Rebecca is working on her first book, a memoir based on Mommy, Ever After, in which she writes “A Happy Story,” “A Hard Story,” and ultimately, “A Hopeful Story.” Many people will be touched by Rebecca’s writing, as it is emotional, raw, real...

...And, always, a little bit sparkly.