Monique Snyman

Monique Snyman’s mind is a confusing bedlam of glitter and death, where candy-coated gore is found in abundance and homicidal unicorns thrive. Sorting out the mess in her head is particularly irksome before she’s ingested a specific amount of coffee, which is equal to half the recommended intake of water for humans per day. When she’s not playing referee to her imaginary friends or trying to overdose on caffeine, she’s doing something with words—be it writing, reading, or fixing all the words.

Monique Snyman lives in Pretoria, South Africa, with her husband and an adorable Chihuahua. She’s the author of MUTI NATION, a horror novel set in South Africa, and Bram Stoker Award® nominated novel, THE NIGHT WEAVER, which is the first installment in a dark fantasy series for young adults.

Books and Awards

  • • The Night Weaver (Shadow Grove – Book 1) (2018)
    • 2019 Bram Stoker® Nominee
  • The Bone Carver (Shadow Grove – Book 2) (2019)
  • The Sin Eater (Shadow Grove – Book 3)
  • The Dream Keeper (Shadow Grove – Book 4)