Marie D. Savino (aka Marie D. Jones) is a screenwriter, producer, and bestselling author. She has projects in various stages of development at a number of production companies including her own, “Where’s Lucy? Productions,” with Denise A. Agnew.

As an indie filmmaker, Marie has written and co-produced two films: the award-winning Kings Boulevard for RockChalk Pictures, and Graduation Afternoon, based on a short story by Stephen King as part of his Dollar Baby Program for IronTree Films. Marie is writing a script for her first feature, a science fiction adventure, to be shot in 2021, and she just sold a RomCom movie, co-written with Dianna Ippolito.

In addition, under Marie D. Jones, she is the bestselling author of over 20 non-fiction books on disaster preparedness, the paranormal, ancient knowledge, unknown mysteries, UFOs and alien technology, surveillance and technology, conspiracy theories, metaphysics, spirituality, and cutting-edge science, including PSIence: How Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena, Destiny VS. Choice, The Déjà vu Enigma, 11:11–The Time Prompt Phenomenon, Mind Wars, and The Power of Archetypes. She co-wrote Supervolcano: The Catastrophic Event that Changed the Course of Human History with her father, geophysicist Dr. John Savino. Some of her current titles include The Disaster Survival Guide, Celebrity Ghosts and Notorious Hauntings, and Earth Magic. Marie is sole writer as well as contributor to over 150 inspirational gift books for Publications International and New Seasons Books, including Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Marie, under Marie D. Jones, is the author of a middle grade novel series, EKHO: Evil Kid Hunting Organization. Co-written with her son, Max, the series is based on the real spy group he founded in elementary school. She also penned a modern fantasy, The ShapeShifter Stone.

Her forthcoming horror novel, 13 (Vesuvian Books, 2021), is illustrated by UK dark artist, Mister Sam Shearon.


She has written for dozens of magazines and been a staff writer for numerous paranormal publications. She has appeared on the History Channel’s Nostradamus Effect and Ancient Aliens television series, as well as been interviewed on over two thousand radio shows worldwide, including Coast to Coast AM, the Shirley MacLaine Show, Ground Zero Radio, and Midnight in the Desert. Marie currently blogs on horseracing for “Sports As Told By a Girl” website and social media.

She is a fully trained CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) disaster “second” responder trained through FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Red Cross. Marie resides in California.