M. Patrick Duggan

M. Patrick Duggan is a writer and illustrator of novels, gaming materials, coloring books, comic books, and magazines.

He wrote and drew the acclaimed coloring book series Myths & Monsters, Moon Princesses & Space Monsters, and Mandalas & Punctuation Marks. His artwork has been featured in Sci-Fest LA, The Tomorrow Prize, and the Roswell Awards.

M. Patrick has drawn and colored comics for years, and worked on Disney Adventures, The Tick, Foodang, The Dark, Green Lantern, Fantastic Four, Clown With A Gun—and drawn storyboards for The Tick, DinoTrux, Doug, King of the Hill, Astrid Strudelman, and The Wild Thornberries. In addition, he paints trading cards and toy cover artwork for major franchises, including Harry Potter, DC Comics Heroes, and more.