Leigh D. Stark

Born in Sydney, Leigh D. Stark is a slightly eccentric individual that has been writing professionally for five years in the field of technology journalism.

Having attended schools in Texas and California, Leigh returned to Sydney to focus on his love for photography, and graduated from Sydney’s National Art School, before entering into the world of journalism—his work having been featured in APC, Popular Science, and PC Authority—writing for TV, radio, magazines, and websites.

In his current day job, Leigh writes for GadgetGuy.com.au where he reviews and analyses technology. Off the clock, his passion for writing continues, as he pens incredibly creative and engaging novels and screenplays, for both children and adults.

The projects are often varied, as Leigh is trying to get things out of his head and on the page. Dogs are often inspiration, and are referenced in quite a few of his books.

He likes making up words for his works, and tries to introduce a new made up word with every comedy or children's book written.

Outside of writing, Leigh loves to cook, take photos, and make people smile—with this last one being so important that he's even changed his middle initial to a smiley face, which generally makes people smile when they see it.

Leigh lives in a small suburb in Sydney with his fiancé and two pups, surrounded by far too many used book stores that keep screaming to him to buy more books.