Daniel Ferszt

Daniel is a writer and editor, as well as a PR consultant and marketing specialist with a background in music. He is a scriptwriter for audio and visual content, and a Google Adwords and Analytics consultant.

In 2002, Daniel composed music for the film The Wedding Dress; written and directed by Hanelle Culpepper (Criminal Minds, Hawaii Five-O), and 125; produced by Tami Powers (Chooch) and directed by Rajeev Nirmalakhandan (The Odd Way Home).

Daniel eventually developed an interest in writing scripts and teleplays. With a large pot of stories brewing in his head, and a passion for action comedies with vibrant characters, he decided to finally take a crack at screenwriting.

Pulling from his time as a singer for a band in Nashville, TN, Daniel teamed up with Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Rebecca Lynn Howard to write Ballz Deep, an action packed, rock n’ roll comedy feature. The script was soon optioned.

Daniel penned a spec pilot for a planned TV series entitled The Emissary—a raw, supernatural thriller. And, his most recent creation, Cream, is a southern-fried feature that tackles the seedy underworld of bull semen trafficking (pun intended).

Daniel has worked with CMT and ABC Television, was a public relations strategist for The Woo Agency, supporting ad campaigns for CBS Sports and Lenovo; produced, co-hosted, and wrote commercial scripts for Outreach! With Dennis Brown (CBS Radio); established the Hard Rock Cafe’ Kosher Thanksgiving providing meals for L.A.’s homeless; and co-supervised media relations for Hanukkah Live at the California State Capitol with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Daniel resides in Los Angeles, CA.