Empowerment MindsetThe Empowerment Mindset takes readers on a powerful journey of self-discovery so that they can transform unfulfilled lives to instead reflect happiness, success, and genuine empowerment.

Helin notes that, “If you don’t acquire the knowledge to improve your life, you will trap future generations of your family in the same cycle of disappointment.” Beyond vague platitudes this book shows the practical way to greater success and happiness through the adoption of an “empowerment mindset” – a way of living that empowers people to take charge of their lives. If Helin’s past books are an accurate gauge, The Empowerment Mindset is destined to become the most influential self-help book of the 21st century.

Calvin Helin is a best-selling, multi-award winning author, international speaker, attorney, entrepreneur and self-reliance activist.

“Aimed at every man and woman, he helps us to recognize that successful adapters, not the fittest, are the ones who succeed. The take-away of this book is a clearer understanding of life.” – Walter Beebe, President, New York Open Center

“I’ve heard it said that many people invest more time and thought in selecting a vacation package than in creating a plan for their life. This book takes away the excuses for not doing so.”

–Dale Friesen
Mechanical Engineer, Alberta

“The Empowerment Mindset not only is a pleasure to read but is written with a rare lyrical brilliance. I can say from personal experience that Calvin Helin ‘walks the walk’ of his empowerment philosophy.”

–Kathleen Walker
Attorney, Vancouver Family Law

“Calvin Helin, in revealing the true path to prosperous living, has provided an opportunity for us to achieve our desires and dreams. The Empowerment Mindset is a tool for fixing the broken parts of our lives.”

–Jimmy W. Arterberry, THPO
Comanche Nation

“A fundamental teaching of indigenous cultures urges individuals and communities to take responsibility to uphold healthy cosmic interrelations. In a world of dependency, imbalance, and cultural and political marginalization, Helin shows how the wisdom of the elders gives the gift of empowerment and future well-being.”

–Duane Champagn
Professor of Sociology and American
Indian Studies
Member of the Turtle Mountain Band
of Chippewa
Author of Notes From the Center

“Following Calvin Helin’s very practical advice, we learn how to fill a half-full cup the rest of the way. He guides us in how to see that cup and overcome self-inflicted stuck points, whether from low self-esteem, peer pressure, or missing our inherent potentials. Aimed at everyman and everywoman, he helps us recognize that successful adapters, not the fittest, are the ones who succeed.”

–Walter Beebe
President, New York Open Center