No More EndlingsA blend of story-telling, science, and imagery, No More Endlings shares the personal accounts of those working to protect endangered species. Readers of this incredible anthology will gain a fresh look at the lives of some well-beloved species, as well as those lesser-known. Filled with intimate details from each contributor’s journey, as well as inspiration for those of us who may never make it into the jungles of South America or the grasslands of Africa, No More Endlings is the perfect read for anyone interested in wildlife, conservation, and a good story. Educators will appreciate the scientific sections that accompany each chapter, and those exploring a career or volunteer opportunities in the conservation realm will especially find this book relevant as it highlights the realities of working in the field. Chapter authors, ranging from National Geographic Explorers, to college professors and internationally recognized conservationists and activists, will inspire readers to take action and ensure a world with no more endlings.

50% of royalties from book sales go to conservation

“Above all No More Endlings is a book of wonder (about amazing species with which we share this planet) and of hope…This is a book for everyone: to be enjoyed and be inspired by daily. Delightful and uplifting.” -THOMAS E. LOVEJOY, National Geographic Fellow

“… Creatively weaving together the uniqueness of each species with our own human connection to the natural world, No More Endlings is a journey that engages, teaches, and shows us why we must truly protect what we love.” -JEAN-MICHEL COUSTEAU, Ocean Futures Society

No More Endlings shares the stories of some real endangered species heroes…Through its mixture of adventure, heart-warming moments, and science, No More Endlings should encourage us all to action.”– RUSSELL MITTERMEIER, Conservation International

“Animals go extinct all the time. Allison’s animals are examples of just what we lose everyday on our wonderful planet. Animals that will never return. This book asks what we can do and how we can change in the future. Read it. Be the change.” -DOMINIC MONAGHAN,B Actor & Host,B Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan

“Better than any book I know, No More Endlings shows that there are nationals in various countries that do fine research and are devoted to conservation…each account celebrates the natural world and encourages us to protect it.” –GEORGE SCHALLER, Panthera & Wildlife Conservation Society

“… As a source of reference material [No More Endlings] will, I am sure, be turned to by people all over the world…It is personal and it is important and we would all do well to pay attention.”-WILL TRAVERS, Born Free Foundation

“These dispatches from the frontline of conservation introduce some amazing animals but also the real-life heroes trying to save them. Their stories, filled with adventure, science and humour are enough to inspire us all into action.” -LUCY COOKE, TV presenter & National Geographic Explorer

“…The stories of how these advocates bonded to some of the world’s most amazing “others” will touch you, too, and fire your determination to work for no more endlings, right along with them.”B -CANDICE GAUKEL ANDREWS, author of Travel Wild Wisconsin

“… [No More Endlings] explores the uniqueness of each species, our personal connection with the natural world, and something beyond what the facts can teach, something that cannot quite be understood, but will be missed if it is lost forever.” -RHETT BUTLER,