Stu Jones

SWAT Sniper, Adventurer, Visionary, and Writer of Epic Genre Blending Fiction

Stu Jones has served full time as a law enforcement officer for over twelve years. During the course of his career he has worked as a beat cop, an investigator, an instructor, and as a member and team leader of a multi-jurisdictional SWAT team. He is also trained and qualified as a law enforcement SWAT sniper, as well as in hostage rescue and high risk entry tactics. Most recently, Stu worked for three years with a U.S. Marshal’s Regional Fugitive Task Force conducting thousands of high-risk fugitive apprehension operations throughout the southeastern United States.

Stu’s passion for writing developed during his years in college while obtaining his bachelor’s degree in history.

Honors and Awards

  • It Takes Death To Reach A Star: 2018 New York Book Festival Winner in Science Fiction
  • It Takes Death To Reach A Star: 2018 Dragon Award Finalist
  • It Takes Death To Reach A Star: 2018 Cygnus Award Finalist (Winner TBA in 2019)

IT TAKES DEATH TO REACH A STAR is more than just a futuristic thriller. Here, we set out to explore where the human race is headed in terms of our need for perceived perfection, the widening gap between social classes, the rise in terror-based tactics of extremist groups and the impending global impact of anti-bacterial resistance.

Grounding the novel in facts and scientific theories, we expanded on our current society ad absurdum and imagined where will be in just a few hundred years.

Moreover, we wanted to explore the possibility that religion and science are both attempting to explain the same thing: our universe. In fact, they may not be mutually exclusive but two views of the same coin – if only we’d listen to each other.