Ultimate Writer's WorkbookThe Ultimate Writerbs Workbook is intended for both the fiction and non-fiction author; for the novice as well as the professional. It guides writers from the inception of their story to final publication, or completion of their screenplay. The Workbook covers plotting, characterization, outlines, preparing a synopsis, query letters, finding an agent, publisher, producer, self-publishing, and publicity. Each chapter explains what to do and what to avoid. The Workbook is a comprehensive reference tool and a must have for any serious writer’s shelf.

Testimonials —

FromB Ricky Powell – Program Operations Manager NBC/UniversalB — “If you have any interest at all in writing great fiction you need to read The Ultimate Writers Workbook. Serita takes you by the hand and delivers not just the background and knowledge you must posses, she walks you through doing the work with powerful exercises so that you get it done quickly. B In order to get published, you’ve got to do the work. This workbook will help you get there.

FromB Michelle Arbeau, Celebrity Numerologist to the Stars, ” This workbook is a must read for any writer wanting to step into the world of fiction writing. Serita breaks the process down into such a practical, easy to follow format that it B instantly erased any doubts I had of whether or not I could write in this genre.

FromB David Raiklen, Writer/Composer,B B “Serita is a rare combination of brilliant writer and clear teacher. The Workbook is a rich resource for writers in every style with ingenious exercises for inspiring creativity, honing your skills, and jump-starting your career. B This is the BEST workbook I’ve ever read. Whenever I’m stuck, it inspires me and gets me back on my game.